A job for everyone

At AirKeeping, we bring jobs back into the local communities. We make it easier for property owners to hire cleaners and housekeepers.

There is a job for everyone who wants to work and earn regular or extra income. AirKeeping is a platform where locals can list their ads for cleaning services.

It is a job where everyone has years of experience without even engaging in a formal occupation. It is part of the experiences we gain throughout our lives.

Some may say it starts when a mum asks her 11 years old kids to clean their bedroom or to do the dishes. Others may say it starts when teenagers clean up after a party at home while their parents have been away. Everyone has a different starting point but they all start early in life cleaning up their own house.

These kids then grow up and start living on their own. They start gaining experiences in housekeeping skills. They make up their beds, clean their homes, vacuum carpets and mop floors to become expert cleaner.  The importance of cleanliness further increases when they start a family. Few years down the track it’s the same parents asking their 11 year old kids to clean up their rooms.

We are all passionate about cleaning our homes and maintain a high standard of hygiene. AirKeeping helps us extend these standards so that it benefits rest of the community.

The locals are always willing to go the extra mile because they feel pride in what they do and they excel at it.

There are many properties in Australia listed on websites such as AirBnB and Stayz. These are the people who want to help travelers with affordable accommodation. At the same time they are earning extra income. Most of them are busy professionals and interstate investors. They don’t have time to manage these properties. They can’t make themselves available between guest changeovers. It can involve cleaning the properties or guest changeovers only. Locals yet living nearby can visit the property in a jiffy. They can turn up to the property when needed to clean it or manage urgent guest changeovers.

Moreover there are millions of busy professionals with kids and families. They too want to enjoy their evenings with family. They want to spend weekends doing things they enjoy the most. They are not willing at all to waste their time in household chores. These people need help from the locals. The locals they can trust, in looking after their homes while they go on enjoying their lives.

Hiring these locals bring jobs back into the community. Locals don’t have to travel too far to work for something they can do within their neighbourhood.

There is a job for everyone.


Happy AirKeeping !!


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