AirKeeping – secret cleaning tips

It may not get noticed but we practice cleaning everyday in our lives and it forms a vital part of each household. However, we still lack basic techniques to clean better when it comes to cleaning homes. AirKeeping Crew has worked on collecting industry knowledge and put it together with some important and secret cleaning tips below.

  • Visualise the place as a large grid that can be broken down into smaller chunks. This way you can start from one part of the grid and finish on the other without missing anything.
  • Start from the top to bottom, this way any dust falling down from the items on the top can be picked up when cleaning the bottom area.
  • Use microfiber cloths for dusting around the rooms and avoid polyester which actually creates more dust. ID-100499161
  • Don’t forget to take a look at dust accumulated on those ceiling fans.
  • It always helps to clear the clutter first and starting with a blank slate. Start with emptying trash, removing linen and towels, and pick up items from the bench-tops and basin-tops.


  • Making a bed is an art, putting right end of the sheet into the right end of mattress is important. A tip: “Tags are always on left on king size sheet and on the right side with queen sheets”.
  • Drapes will need a good whack making sure all the dust gets down on the floor and leave it to pick up with vacuum.
  • Keep bathroom for cleaning last to avoid any bacteria transfers to other rooms.


This is only a brief list out of many more tips on household cleaning and housekeeping. Hope you’ll be able to use these tips in your next cleaning service.

Happy AirKeeping !!


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