AirKeeping – what services should you include

Property investors, who are renting their properties on AirBnB and similar websites, are increasingly becoming busier and busier with their investments. They rarely have time to manage these properties themselves, especially if these properties are located far away from their residential location.

Most of the investors don’t even think about AirBnB when renting their property that is located far away from them due to lack of any affordable options to manage these properties.

Local individuals who have posted their listing on airKeeping are here to help those property investors. After our extensive research in this field, we’ve identified the most important services which  are required by these property investors.

Below are some suggestions to our locals who are advertising for their housekeeping, cleaning and other services –

Cleaning services

  • Daily Housekeeping services during longer Guest stays

    • Make-up bed and put items back in place
    • Vacuum all floor areas
    • Replenish all toiletries, if required
    • Replace all towels and place used towels in laundry, if required
  • Changeovers between AirBnB Guests

    • Replenish Refrigerator with Groceries
    • Replace bed Linen and place used linen in laundry
    • Replenish all toiletries
    • Replace all towels and place used towels in laundry
    • Vacuum all floor areas
    • Clean up kitchen sink and benchtop
    • Clean all bathrooms and toilets
    • Take out rubbish bins and change bin liners

Concierge services

  • 24hr round-the-clock availability for Guests
  • Key handling from departing guests to incoming guests
  • Guest transfers from Airport
  • Chauffeur service for AirBnB guests to show them around town

Full management services

  • Everything included under cleaning services
  • Everything included under concierge service

Happy airKeeping !!


Airbnb is a trademark of Airbnb, Inc., a company that is not affiliated with airKeeping.

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