AirKeeping – Create an attractive listing

The key to your success on airKeeping is your listing (or advertisement), which is your selling point. It is the opportunity for you to highlight your skills and sell yourself to potential customers.

To get the most out of your advertisement on airKeeping and be able to attract potential customers, it is recommended to remove clutter (non-relevant stuff) from your ad. People searching for services only spend few seconds on these ads and that is the time you have to convince them about you.

So how do you do that? Don’t worry we have worked on this for your help. Focus on key things that people are searching when they look for these ads. Keep it short and straightforward so they can read everything they need to in those few seconds.

To make it even easier for you we have created below template. You can copy and use this when posting your ad – ad_template

To help you further, we have also created a quick guide below on how to create an attractive listing –

  • Make sure your user profile looks professional with a nice picture of you (no selfies). Dress up in your best outfit and get someone to take a picture of you with a light background. Show your customers that you are serious about business.
  • Give your listing a nice title – this is the one-line opportunity you have to tell your customers that how can you help them.
  • Provide details about your services in the ‘description’ section. Provide a bullet-point list of your key services, explain if you need to but don’t go into writing an essay.
  • Stay away from writing too many personal stories, as you are here to help your customers so focus on telling them how you can help them with their properties.
  • Provide the location/area you are willing to service. Don’t choose a very wide service area and make sure you stay local because customers prefer someone living local to their housekeeping needs.
    • As a tip, best guide is to choose all the adjoining suburbs to the one you are living in and you won’t go too far.
  • Showcase your previous works using the image section. Don’t worry if you didn’t do anything similar before, be creative and showcase what you CAN do. Try working in your own home and take some before/after pictures to show your potential.
  • Keep your pricing/charges straightforward and don’t provide price ranges. Aim to provide a set price for your services.
    • If you believe you can offer various services with various options, it’s always better to create separate listings for each of them and provide links to those additional services in each of your listings. This way customer has the option to review your other listings too and they can decide which one they prefer to use.
  • And don’t forget to brag about your 100% positive reviews because you have earned it with your hard work.


Happy airKeeping !!


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