AirKeeping – having a successful transaction

It is our first priority at airKeeping that both parties enjoy their interaction with each other and have a successful transaction.

There are a lot of ways users can ensure they have positive experience on airKeeping.

  1. Communication It is the most important part in having a successful transaction, leading to a positive experience.
    • Communication first start with the person ‘posting their ad’, and what they describe about their services in that listing (or advertisement) and it sends a message to the other user who is looking for those services. So it is highly critical that users truthfully declare what they look after, what they don’t and there shouldn’t be any grey area to begin with. Using the correct categories and listing types will help others to filter into what they want. Read more here. 
    • Second step to communication then continues with the person looking for these services, who contact the advertiser to request a service. They should aim to list out what they are after in a service from the advertiser and clarify everything about what the advertiser can do. It is highly recommended for both parties that rates/charges are confirmed and agreed upon at this point.
    • Third step to communication happens between both parties where the owner notifies of the property being ready to service and the other user notifies about the progress of their service at each step to the owner.
    • The last step of communication ends with both parties communicating to the rest of the community about their successful transaction and leave each other with positive feedback.
  2. Keeping promises Another key component to a successful transaction is you keep your promises and do what you promised you’ll do. If you have described something in your listing and it isn’t part of your service, then it’s better to take it out of the listing. You don’t want to have someone choosing you just because a service is included in your ad but you don’t actually deliver that service when it comes to business. So be careful with what you include in your listings.
  3. Safe work environment Property owners should make every effort to ensure that the property is safe for work when they request services. They should ensure that easy access is available to the property and there is no hazard on the property which could potentially hurt the other party. Any pet animals at the property should be tied up or moved out of the premises when other party arrives for work.

It’s very easy to miss some of these little details when you interact with the other party but they are critical to the positive outcome of a successful transition.

Happy airKeeping !!


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