AirKeeping – let the locals manage it

airKeeping is a shared economy marketplace where communities come together to help each other. Property owners can use this platform to search for locals who can clean their homes, manage their short-term rental properties and provide housekeeping services.

Local members of the community who are looking for work, can post their listings (advertisements) offering these services on airKeeping.

In the current environment where shared economy is providing a lot of new business opportunities to people, there are many Property investors who have gone down the path of letting their properties for short-term rentals on AirBnB and similar websites.

A lot of people have started to invest in property after noticing hefty profits made by others using AirBnB. Now as these investors are growing their portfolios, it’s becoming harder and harder for them to manage properties by themselves.

The idea of airKeeping originated to help busy professionals and property investors manage their properties, while at the same time providing more work opportunities to the locals.

How airKeeping works –


 Happy airKeeping !!

Airbnb is a trademark of Airbnb, Inc., a company that is not affiliated with airKeeping.

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