AirKeeping – how to ‘Post your listing’

Locals can post their listing(ad) for any type of residential Cleaning, Housekeeping and AirBnB management services they are offering to property owners.

To post your listing you need to first sign-up with airKeeping and then login to your account.


In addition to this you’ll need to have a PayPal premier account, which is free, in order to receive payments.

Once you are verified and ready to post, on right-hand corner of homepage click on Post your listing”.

Post your listing

This will take you to a ‘category selection’ page, where you can choose from one of the four categories to post your listing. Each category is explained below –


Cleaning Service – This category is for users who offer only the cleaning of the property. This category can include services such as cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, cleaning kitchen area, washing dishes, vacuum and mop floor.

AirBnB Concierge Service – This category is for users offering only concierge service. The category can include services such as key handling, managing check-ins/check-outs, being available for guests 24/7 for any need arising related to their stay at the property.

 Full Management Service – This category is for users who offer a complete service package to the property investors or business owners. This category can include services that are already part of above two categories and further services such as replenish toiletries, replenish pantry and refrigerator (where toiletries and groceries are supplied/paid by owners).

Housekeeping Service – This category refers to general housekeeping services such as those included in ‘Cleaning service’. In addition, replacing towels & bedsheets and preparing rooms for next guest etc.

Once decided in which category user wants to post their listing, they move to the next step where they can select the ‘listing type’.


We currently offer two types of listings on our marketplace –

Hourly bookings – As the name suggests, this listing is when a user only wants to accept bookings on an hourly basis and has accordingly set their charges per hour.

All day bookings – This listing is for users who only want to accept full-day bookings rather than on hourly rate. This listing type offers the use of availability calendar, which can be easily managed by users. And those making a booking can select the dates when they want to request the service. Availability calendars can be updated again by users after creating the listing (or advertisement).

In the next step, users will need to enter more details about their listing. First you’ll need to choose a title for your listing, make sure you choose a good one to gain interest. Then add description about your services. Here you can also set your charges/price for the services.


After that you can add any images and your location of service.listing-location-and-images

If your service goes beyond one suburb you can always add more information into the detail description part. Also, it is always a good idea to showcase your previous work by using images section. Now click on ‘Save Listing’ and your listing will be posted immediately.


Click here to see our guide on ‘creating an attractive listing’.

Happy airKeeping !!

Airbnb is a trademark of Airbnb, Inc., a company that is not affiliated with airKeeping.

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